$145-1 hr, $200-90 min 
Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage is a deeply relaxing, highly therapeutic technique inspired by the many cultures throughout history that have discovered what effective massage tools the feet can be! “Ashi“ means ‘foot’ in Japanese, “Atsu“ means ‘pressure’. While the use of the overhead bars is associated mostly with the Southeast Asian versions of barefoot massage, other variations, such as Chavutti Thirumal and Fijian Barefoot Massage have roots in India and Polynesia. The foot is a nicely padded structure, with a larger surface area than that of the hands, and when combined with the added pressure that can be applied using the therapists body weight, this modality achieves the perfect balance of strong and soothing therapy!

Ashiatsu Barefoot massageWith “Ashi“, as it is often called, it is possible to receive up to 3x more pressure than with a typical deep tissue massage, without the discomfort that can come from the use of “pointy“ elbows and thumbs, thereby allowing for a more enjoyable experience. A moderate pressure of massage can also be achieved based on the conscientious use of the therapist’s body weight, as well as leverage, so even if you are not interested in receiving deep pressure, Ashiatsu can still be an appropriate choice for you! The long, smooth strokes, using consistent pressure, can lengthen constricted muscles and decompress the spine, freeing up the nerves to do their jobs. This technique also effectively flushes the lymphatics, detoxifying the tissues and stimulating the immune system.

Miriamah began her education in Ashiatsu in 2010, and has taken multiple courses over the past decade. 

Your Ashiatsu massage session may be enhanced with Aromatherapy.